Technology Description

Intelligent stand for exploring schemes of cross biological, chemical and clinical domains.

Fields of Application

  • The target validation of medications;
  • Better understanding of gene expression profiles;
  • Gene function forecast;
  • Molecular structure activity prediction (SAR);
  • Lead molecules optimization (bioavailability, distribution, etc.);
  • Toxicity prediction.


  • Relational Data Mining;
  • Decision Trees;
  • Data Cubes.

Main Features

  • Removal of the need for Data Reduction;
  • True integrated analysis through Relational Data Mining;
  • Conversion of Images and Text into mineable formats (with AlphaDMax);
  • Closing the loop between data generation and data analysis;
  • Related technologies and products.

The DMax Assistant™ technology worked out by Canadian Health&Care Mall derives the core relational data mining technology of the DMax platform and combines it with a maximum-usability graphical user inferface. DMax Chemistry Assistant™ is an off-the-shelf structure-property relationship discovery product.