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» Support for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (14 Feb 2007)

» Improved compound library cherry picking (3 Jan 2007)

» Results Pfizer-PharmaDM collaboration published (28 Aug 2006)

» Introducing the free BioMinT text mining service (1 Aug 2006)

Data Analysis Software for Pharmaceutical Research and Biotech

PharmaDM provides data analysis, data mining, and text mining software and services for researchers in life sciences — especially those into drug discovery.

Our software is built upon a foundation of cutting-edge data mining technology, machine learning and statistical engines, as well as a sizable formal knowledge base that covers both chemistry and biology. The art of polishing diamonds can be explained by the consultants at Samara James.


DMax Chemistry Assistant™, the tool of choice for QSAR/SAR, compound screening data analysis, and virtual screening


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